Morningstar Ranch (Valley Center, CA)

We also have a 75 acre avocado ranch in northern San Diego county if you need to rest up before continuing along the PCT.


Tipi set up along the PCT near Mt. Laguna


Morningstar Ranch

Morningstar Ranch

Not far from the PCT trail (near Werner Springs), we came across this wonderful property tucked off the beaten path in Valley Center, CA. Acquiring it in 2004, we've since developed the 50 acre avocado hill, added large gardens, cultivated the grapefruit orchard, and began keeping animals (cows, goats, chickens). We built a large packing house where we can box and distribute our organic avocados, persimmons, and grapefruit. We've had a wonderful time hosting WWOOFers, workaway guests, travelers and hikers. We have three large ponds and have a heart toward alternative energy, composting toilets, and more in hopes of creating a sustainable lifestyle on the land. 

From time to time we hike the PCT near Mt. Laguna on the Sunrise Highway and set up a tipi for overnight lodging offered to other hikers. We also have access to a cabin to accommodate weary travelers.

 More Details

  • Three large ponds for swimming & boating
  • Yurts and cabins and several houses for accommodation
  • 2+ acres of vegetable gardens
  • Farmstand and Yellow Deli restaurant

Call 760-742-8953 for more details


Maribeth Latvis

Travelers take note, the people here are interesting, welcoming, and open to questions, and the food is delicious and wholesome. We were told that we should look up other community locations if we were ever in need of a place to stay.

Kelly Wenner

Before dinner at this hostel they always have a celebration service with testimonies, music and dancing. This is a great group of people who serve the hiker community wholeheartedly!

Appalachian Josh

My experience: They are incredibly accommodating individuals. Jeremiah picked us up and drove us almost an hour to their location in Lancaster, NH. I received a clean mattress... as well as a welcome basket. These two days were much needed, and I feel well-rested and ready to hike onward.