Harper's Ferry hostel

[Temporarily Closed] We are acquiring a property directly bordering the Appalachian trail, just outside of Harper's Ferry, WV. Still in its infancy, we invite hikers to lend a hand to help us make a hostel that will serve many other hikers.

Very recognizable, this house was built in sections with available building materials. So in a sense, it looks like a patchwork quilt. We hope to shore it up structurally and make it all it needs to be to shelter hikers and provide a much needed hostel along the WV/VA border. Come lend a hand for a day with a vision toward the future, for the good of all the hikers passing by. 


Maribeth Latvis

Travelers take note, the people here are interesting, welcoming, and open to questions, and the food is delicious and wholesome. We were told that we should look up other community locations if we were ever in need of a place to stay.

Kelly Wenner

Before dinner at this hostel they always have a celebration service with testimonies, music and dancing. This is a great group of people who serve the hiker community wholeheartedly!

Appalachian Josh

My experience: They are incredibly accommodating individuals. Jeremiah picked us up and drove us almost an hour to their location in Lancaster, NH. I received a clean mattress... as well as a welcome basket. These two days were much needed, and I feel well-rested and ready to hike onward.